We support Friendship in its fight against massive flooding in Bangladesh

Posted - 29.07.2019

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Now reading : We support Friendship in its fight against massive flooding in Bangladesh

A raised plinth constructed by Friendship sheltering people and their cattle

Severe monsoon rainfalls have submerged Bangladesh and upstream regions adjacent to its borders since 9 July 2019, leaving hundreds of thousands people displaced. According to the Friendship Field report, more than 290 000 families in low-lying areas are marooned in their home and 80 000 people in different shelters, including on road and embankment. In the Friendship areas of intervention alone, nearly 10,000 homes have been severely damaged and nearly 1,000 completely washed away; more than 6,000 hectares of crops are affected and more than 600 head of cattle have perished (bearing in mind that a cow is often the main asset that a family owns). The situation has worsened throughout the weeks, as all major rivers in the affected districts have kept flowing above the danger mark with a rising trend.

Given the urgent situation, our firm has released emergency funds in support of the association Friendship, which is active on the territory to address immediate needs including food, shelter, emergency assistance, WASH and medical care. The need for assistance in the country is particularly urgent, as communities are struggling with the worst flooding in two years, according to the disaster management and relief ministry.

Friendship established a global intervention plan based on an evaluation of the emergency priorities, which aims at covering the following needs:

  • urgent food distribution to 12 000 families;
  • provision of feed and vaccination to 2000 farmers;
  • urgent medical support through 18 emergency health camps which served more than 1 300 patients;
  • installation of tubewells and lavatories to provide access to drinking water and hygienic environments in shelters, serving more than 3 200 people;
  • construction of bamboo bridges and provision of boat services to re-establish communications;
  • restoration of schools and vocational training centres, as well as legal booths which have been partially or totally destroyed, so to make them completely functional again.

Our firm will continue to support Friendship in its action to provide aid to local communities hit by massive flooding, as well as to support the association’s projects aimed at empowering vulnerable people.

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