We are proud that the largest local banks and international banking groups and financial services providers trust us to assist them with:

  • The establishment and transfer of banking and financial services businesses and activities, in Luxembourg or on a cross-border basis.
  • Reorganisation of financial institutions (arising from mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs)
  • Applications for regulatory authorisation
  • Exercise of European cross-border passporting rights
  • Regulatory treatment of funding structures and financial products
  • Regulatory capital structuring
  • E-money and payment services
  • Private banking, banking secrecy and compliance
  • Financial institutions outsourcing the application of sanctions and rules concerning money laundering
  • Code of conduct and contractual terms of business

Within our banking and financial services team we have a specific Brexit task force helping banks and other financial service providers to assess the potential of Luxembourg as an EU financial centre.

Core practice groups

We are recognised by the market as a leading provider of legal services to Luxembourg investment funds, their promoters and service providers.

We cover these sectors to provide continuity of service and to build stronger relationships over time.

We offer an extensive litigation practice covering a large range of areas such as corporate, commercial and civil litigation.

We assist our clients on all aspects of taxation, including especially the creation of tailor-made investments structures.