We are the chosen legal adviser on planning issues to international and local developers, local and foreign investors, landowners and institutions. Our team provides complete understanding of the legal, financial and practical implications of real estate developments. We provide counsel on matters of any size or complexity, ensuring that the commercial priorities of a client are fully integrated into all recommendations.

Urban zoning and planning regulation is constantly evolving and if managed badly, can result in escalating costs. Managing legal constraints from the beginning of a project up to completion is therefore essential if it is to be achieved on time and within budget.

Our team of experienced and practice-oriented advisers can guide you through every stage of the planning process. Their deep working relationship with the planning authorities offers you an important competitive advantage.

Core practice groups

We are recognised by the market as a leading provider of legal services to Luxembourg investment funds, their promoters and service providers.

We cover these sectors to provide continuity of service and to build stronger relationships over time.

We offer an extensive litigation practice covering a large range of areas such as corporate, commercial and civil litigation.

We assist our clients on all aspects of taxation, including especially the creation of tailor-made investments structures.