Gary Cywie


Gary Cywie


Gary Cywie specialises in Technology. His particular areas of expertise are the drafting and negotiating of IT outsourcing agreements in the financial services and insurance sectors, software licence and maintenance agreements and commercial contracts. In addition, he specialises in data protection and privacy, internet and e-commerce, electronic signature, electronic archiving, IT security and media and telecommunications. He also handles IP matters.

Gary is also involved in Fintech developments, more particularly in relation to digital ledger technologies (DLT) such as blockchains, smart contracts and virtual currencies.

Career and memberships

Member of the IT Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham Luxembourg).

Member of the Association Luxembourgeoise pour la Protection des Données (APDL).

Member of the Blockchain and crypto working group at the Association Luxembourgeoise des Compliance Officers (ALCO).

Member of the Luxembourg Bar since 2006.

Member of the Brussels Bar from 2003 until 2014.


Licence en droit from the Université de Liège (Belgium).

Postgraduate certificate in Internet Strategic Management from the Laboratory for New Information and Communication Technologies Studies in collaboration with the Université de Liège (Belgium).