Covid-19: Special leave for family reasons and leave for family support

Posted - 25.05.2020


Now reading : Covid-19: Special leave for family reasons and leave for family support

Special leave for family reasons and family support have been implemented in connection with the Covid-19 outbreak. 

  • The leave for family reasons (Covid-19) has been drawn up for parents affiliated with the Luxembourg social security scheme (including non-residents in Luxembourg) who have to look after their child(ren):
    • born on or after 1 September 2015 if there is no nursery or alternative day-care option ; or
    • under the age of 13 who normally attend school but whose school has been closed or classes are still suspended for reasons directly linked to the health crisis or who cannot be taken in by any school or childcare structure because of the implementation of a scheme for alternating pupils' attendance or the application of imposed barrier measures, subject to producing a certificate attesting the situation issued by the Ministry of Education; or
    • deemed vulnerable if it is suffering from a respiratory or cardiac pathology or is immuno-depressed; or
    • with a disability who are between 13 and 18 years old (or up to the age of 25) under certain conditions.
  • The leave for family support (Covid-19) has been drawn up to enable employees to take care of a disabled or elderly person, following the closure of a day-care centre or vocational training or work structure.

The employee can interrupt and divide the leave as necessary. The employer must be informed of any change as quickly as possible. Only one parent, or household member, can take special leave at any one time. This leave does not apply if the other parent, or the other household member, is on short-time work.

In order to benefit from such extraordinary leave, specific application forms are to be completed, depending on the case scenario, and submitted by email or regular mail to either the National Health Fund (CNS - Caisse Nationale de Santé; @email) concerning leave for family reasons1 or to the Ministry of Family (@email) concerning leave for family support2

A duly completed form is equivalent to a medical certificate. Employees are protected against dismissal.

The same procedure relating to sick leave is to be followed by employers. During this leave, the employee will be entitled to his/her regular salary, as if he/she were on sick leave. The employer will be entitled to a partial reimbursement by the Employer’s Mutual Insurance (“Mutualité des Employeurs”) at the rate of 80% of the salary declared to the CCSS in accordance with the applicable legal provisions on sick leave. Advance reimbursements to employers are being implemented.

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